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Bekijk ook: Getting Things Done (GTD), Lerende organisatie, Zelfsturende teams en Zelfsturing, zelforganisatie & zelfmanagement.

Bekijk ook: Getting Things Done (GTD), Lerende organisatie en Zelfsturende teams.


Holacracy and OKR-driven product development at Springest

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Dennis and/or Rik taking the audience through: - small intro to the platform, "What is Springest"- what is Holacracy- Springest-wide alignm…

Holacracy - how it works:

Holacracy is a new way of running an organization that removes power from a management hierarchy and distributes it across clear roles. The work can then be executed autonomously, without micromanagement.

The work is more structured with Holacracy than conventional management. There is a clear set of rules, and processes for how a team breaks up its work and defines roles with clear responsibilities.

The constitution

The constitution compiles the rules of Holacracy, but is not meant as learning material — you don’t learn a new game by reading the rules.