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21 sep. 2021
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2 nov. 2021
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7 dec. 2021
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Sign-in For 14 days Power BI Course at Mr Data Amsterdam. In two sessions you will want more about Power BI.General:Business Intelligence (BI) consists of the collection of tools and processes that people use to collect data and convert it into meaningful information. Converting this data allows you to make better decisions. Microsoft Excel contains various BI options, with which you can easily link and visualize data from different data sources. With these extra options, Microsoft Excel has now become a real self-service Power BI functionality.In this practice-oriented 2-day Power BI course you learn, among other things, to make a link on tables of an SQL Database and to make a Data model (…

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Nog niet gevonden wat je zocht? Bekijk deze onderwerpen: Power BI, Business intelligence, Splunk, Microsoft Power Platform en Microsoft PowerPivot.

Sign-in For 14 days Power BI Course at Mr Data Amsterdam. In two sessions you will want more about Power BI.General:Business Intelligence (BI) consists of the collection of tools and processes that people use to collect data and convert it into meaningful information. Converting this data allows you to make better decisions. Microsoft Excel contains various BI options, with which you can easily link and visualize data from different data sources. With these extra options, Microsoft Excel has now become a real self-service Power BI functionality.In this practice-oriented 2-day Power BI course you learn, among other things, to make a link on tables of an SQL Database and to make a Data model (PowerPivot) with that data. Then with calculations you will expand the data to useful information (DAX calculations). You then use this data to create pivot tables based on a relational table system (the data model). Thanks to the strong compression technology, millions of lines of information can be accessed. Furthermore, with the data from the data model, visualizations are made with PowerView and PowerMap. PowerQuery is also covered in this training to process data from different data sources and to add that processed data to the data model.The final part of this training is creating visualizations from various sources with Power BI Desktop.The practical approach of this training consists of theory and exercises with the technology, so that you get an optimal result from Power BI.Target audience :This Power BI Microsoft Excel course is intended for BI specialists, analysts, power users, IT professionals and advanced MS Excel users who want to become acquainted with MS Excel's self-service Power BI applications. The training focuses on people who, with the linked data from other sources, create and maintain data modelsForeknowledge :Skills at the level of MS Excel on advanced or expert. Experience with database technology with pivot tables. If these skills are missing, we advise you to first take the MS Excel Advanced course. And the following courses:Excel AdvancedSubjects :- PowerPivot   - Verbindingen maken en aanpassen met een SQL database, waarmee een datamodel wordt gemaakt. Tabellen toevoegen vanuit een bestaande verbinding of andere bron. Gegevens typen en regionale instellingen. Een Excel werkblad koppelen met het data model. Hiërarchieën maken met behulp van DAX berekeningen. Gegevens toevoegen aan het model met behulp van DAX berekeningen (bijvoorbeeld: YTD omzet, KPI's).- PowerView   - Het maken van visualisaties met behulp van het gemaakte data model. Standaard veldenset, tabelgedrag aanpassen. Een visueel rapport (dashboard) maken met verschillende objecten zoals: Titel en logo, Slicer/filters, Tabel, Grafieken- PowerMap   - Het maken van geanimeerde visualisaties. Een PowerMap tour maken, waarmee ook een video (MP4) gemaakt kan worden.- PowerQuery   - Gegevens inlezen uit een SQL database. Query Folding. Gegevens bewerken: Kolommen verbergen en aanpassen, Query's samenvoegen (Joins). Een gegevens bron hergebruiken. Gegevens typen aanpassen. Null waarden verwijderen. Kolommen samenvoegen/splitsen. Gegevens inlezen vanuit Excel. Functies waaronder: NumberToText. Csv/tekst-bestanden inlezen en aanpassen (enkelvoudig of vanuit een map). Een functie maken met M-script. Query gegevens aan een data model toevoegen.- Power BI Desktop (applicatie)   - Retrieve data from a SQL Server database. Merge queries, add Excel data, check and adjust relationships of the model, create visualizations from different sources.

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XADAT.COM offers a range of short courses in London and Amsterdam including ERP for beginners, performance management, kpi, business intelligence tools, data warehousing, bi roadmap, analytics, big data, become a business analyst, become a data analyst, BI systems, BI Architecture, information visualization, business intelligence competency Center, Scrum methodology, Mobile BI, individual courses. Apply today!


Business Management Courses 1: ERP

This course is designed beginners working with and around ERP system. This material approaches real-world ERP system topics using an integrated process perspective of an organisation. Click “here” Download brochure ERP systems. Or contact XADAT.COM.


Business Management Courses 2: Performance management

This Course combines technical and social know-how to give you a solid framework for designing, configuring, and managing performance improvement initiatives with sustainable results. Managing Business Performance offers a unique blueprint for achieving organisational excellence through improved productivity, and efficiency.

Click “here” Download brochure Performance management. Or contact XADAT.COM.


performance management key performance indicators 2016

Business Management Courses 3: Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence is a technology, system that provide managers to makeing desscions based on Data. End rsults ar performance dashboards, performance tools. companies with usefull visual guide to developing an effective business intelligence (BI) decision-support application. This book outlines a methodology that takes into account the complexity of developing applications in an integrated BI environment.

Business Management Courses 4: Data warehousing

This course focuses on how and why to modenize your data warehousing architecture. Also we will discuss workloads, what they mean in the world of data warehousing and Big Data. This is one of the most important and critical aspects of the future architecture of data management solution. Especially we discuss the data warehouse appliance, cloud computing, introduction of data visualization, and in-memory.

data warehousing what is data warehousing

Business Management Courses 5: Business Intelligence Strategy

business intelligence strategy-bi strategy


Business Management Courses 6: Business analyst

In course you will learn to be a Business Analyst. The business analyst is liaison between business stakeholders and the technical team (vendors. software developers, etc.) This course will deliver you usefull methodics, tools, tables, interview questions, checklist, templates that business analyst can use by day-to-day business .

business analyst business analyst course


Business Management Courses 7: Data visualization

This course will help you turn your data into high impact visual stories that stick with your audience. Epecifically, you’ll learn how to understand the importance of context and audience. Also we will focuss on determine the appropriate type of graph for your situation. Get started with direct attentions on your audience’s attention to the most important parts of your data. You will learn think like a designer and utilize concepts of design in data visualization.


Data visualization BI tools

Business Management Courses 8: Business Intelligence Competency Center Dashboard

  • Business Intelligence Organizations Trends
  • How Design Data driven Business Intelligence Organisation ?
  • What is Business Inteligence Competency Center?
  • Implementing Business Intelligence Competency Center Information Evolution Model
  • Change Management & BICC
    • Human Capital
    • Culture
    • Infrastucture
    • Customer Services
  • Best Practice Business Cases

Business Intelligence Competency Center Dashboard


Business Management Courses 9: Scrum Methdology

In this course you will learn about most popular agile methodologies today in 2016.

In this course you will understanding IT project management methodic for example: Agile, Scrum, XP, Lean, and, Kanban.

  • On time delivery of Agile projects
  • Deliver high-quality software system via Agile
  • Working in Agile teams


Business Management Courses 10: Mobile Analytics, Mobile App Analytics

mobile analytics
mobile app analytics


Business Management Courses skills

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Business Management Courses Regio

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