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Learn Dutch? 9 Dutch language courses

Bekijk ook: Correct Nederlands, Nederlandse taal en grammatica, Nederlands en Nederlandse als Tweede Taal (NT2).

Bekijk ook: Correct Nederlands, Nederlandse taal en grammatica en Nederlands.


Dutch for Expats - group training

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placeAmersfoort, Amsterdam en 4 andere regio's

Dutch as a second language Are you a foreign expat working in the Netherlands? Or have you already lived here for years and wish to acclima…


Dutch for professional use (ONLINE)

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place's-Hertogenbosch, Alkmaar en 22 andere regio's

Optimise your Dutch communication skills with colleagues and clients? Learn corporate Dutch in a manner that appeals to you. Interactive, c…


Dutch for expats

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Our language courses can be done individually or in a group and they will be tailored to your needs and your level. We have 20 years of exp…


NT2 Exam preparation course - NT2 Dutch exam sample

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place's-Hertogenbosch, Alkmaar en 43 andere regio's

Our training Dutch for Beginners (NT2) is a basic Dutch course for non-native speakers and expatriats living in the Netherlands. Interlingu…


Dutch Language & Grammar Immersion And Insights

Logo van Simpliv LLC

Description Do you know a little Dutch but not much? Then this course will help you continue to expand your knowledge of this beautiful lan…


Learn To Speak Dutch For Beginners

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Description Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands and Suriname, and is commonly used by millions in Belgium, Aruba, Bonaire, an…


Dutch Language Conversation At Its Best

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Description Conversations and small sentences are some of the best ways to become better at a language. Everyday situations will show you t…


Dutch for expats - individual or group

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placeAlkmaar, Almere / Lelystad en 8 andere regio's

Do you want to learn or improve your Dutch? Or do you have expat employees to whom you want to offer a Dutch course? AV Taaltraining offers…


Discover Dutch

Logo van Prolingua
placeN.V.T. / Onbekend

Get in touch, learn Dutch! Of course, everybody in the Netherlands speaks English. But to really feel at home in the Netherlands, it is hel…