APMG Change Management

APMG-International is an award-winning Examination Institute. APMG accredits professional training and consulting organizations and manages certification schemes for knowledge-based workers, and has a global reach, with regional offices located around the world.


Our aim is to provide consistent quality and support to our training and consulting organizations, whether they are operating globally or as a specialist local provider. APMG-International's rigorous assessment process is recognized throughout the world. To ensure our independence and commitment to quality standards, we do not provide training ourselves. Our Accredited Organizations can be justly proud of their accredited status. Find out more about our accreditation services.


Our wide portfolio of certifications includes the internationally recognized Best Management Practice schemes and a range of IT and general management certifications based on international standards and best practices. All our certifications are aimed at helping business professionals develop their knowledge, skills and expertise.

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