Accrediting business education programs at the associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degree levels worldwide since 1988. ACBSP's accreditation process follows the Baldrige model. The accreditation focuses on recognizing teaching excellence, determining student learning outcomes, and a continuous improvement model. ACBSP’s student-centered teaching and learning approach, which is measured and analyzed for quality, ensures that students gain the right skills from their educational investment. Institutions with programs accredited by ACBSP are committed to continuous improvement that ensures their business program will give students the skills employers want. Getting started on the path to accreditation is simple. The first step is to join as an ACBSP member. Next, complete and submit the candidacy form [.DOCX], along with the candidacy fees. A preliminary questionnaire, which can be found using the online reporting platform, will also need to be submitted. A mentor then will provide a gap analysis and authorize to proceed to the full self-study. Once the self-study is complete and has been submitted, dates will be determined for a site-visit of the institution. Depending on when the site-visit is conducted, decisions are announced in, either, April or November. The Difference Between Program vs. Institutional Accreditation... ACBSP accredits business programs. ACBSP does not accredit the institution, only the business programs offered at the institution. Most businesses and universities reviewing transcripts and accepting degrees base their decisions on institutional accreditation. Program accreditation from ACBSP without institutional accreditation may not be considered sufficient when accepting degrees or credits for transfer. For institutions located within the United States, regional accreditation of the institution is required for membership and accreditation eligibility. Not all countries have the equivalent of regional accreditation and the government may provide the authority to grant degrees. When considering business programs, students are encouraged to contact institutions they may wish to attend in the future as well as the human resource department of specific employers. Degree acceptance policies will vary by institution and employer.